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The next generation is here. Education has been calling for a shift in its focus, outcomes, and how it serves this next generation. Torahverse brings the solution: Extraordinary learning opportunities at every corner.


Our platform offers classes that cover all Jewish subjects at an affordable price from anywhere in the world. We work closely with each child and family, and we guarantee fulfillment of our promise: your child becoming a life-long learner and co-creator in a community of students looking for real-world experiences that empower them as informed and authentic Jews as the next generation. 


“Torahverse promises to be amazing and it is amazing. I want to go to school everyday.”

Yosef Elazar, Torahverse Student


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At Torahverse, we team up with top Jewish educators across the country who bring the values of the highest student engagement, valuable learning outcomes, and student leadership with their own education. Check out some of our partner Educreators: the creators of extraordinary educational opportunities.


Maya Yehezekel

Speaking Ivrit


Rabbi Bryan Chustckie

CORE Jewish Studies and Life Skills

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Shiva Mehrannia

Introduction to Alef-Bet



Looking for a full slate of Jewish studies classes for your homeschooled or public schooled child? Interested in something supplemental for your child to boost their Jewish education? At Torahverse, we serve a wide-range of family needs for all Jewish children's Torah and Jewish learning, regardless of your background, all at a considerable value. Find the subject, time, and age-range that works for you and your child and join us for global, transformative classes.

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CORE Jewish Studies: Chumash and Gemara

Cover all your Jewish subject learning including Chumash, Navi, Gemara, and Halacha for your middle school child AND so much more in this community building class.

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Conversational Ivrit

Join Maya Yehzekel in Ulpan for children as your child learns Hebrew the right way through immersive or foundational Hebrew speaking class.

Boy Writing Hebrew Letters on Blackboard

Introduction to Alef-Bet

Give your elementary school child the opportunity to learn how to read, write, and communicate the basics of the Alef-Bet and Jewish life. All done in an engaging way without Sunday school commitment!



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