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What is Torahverse?

Torahverse is more than a traditional school to learn and socialize with Jewish peers.  Students ages 8-12 excitedly create their own path to success by developing the real world skills and character traits that matter most in line with Torah Principles. 


Torahverse is really a simple and profound discovery based on the following:



Children's capaabilities are far beyond what we can imagine. So is the wisdom of the Torah and creation. And yet they are all easily accessible, whether in a single verse in a Torah text, any part of the infinite complexity universe, or a life lesson learned by your child. By starting the child on course for their inspiring personal and collective journey, plus the necessary agreed upon limits and structures to be put in place, the child evolves as naturally as the Torah and the universe.



The next generation is here.  Education has been calling for a shift in its focus, outcomes, and how it serves this next generation. Torahverse brings a solution: 


In a world that becoming vastly more complex, sometimes the response is simple yet effective. Torahverse Schoolhouse covers all learning: math, reading, writing, Torah Skills, Learning Torah, money management, moral dilemmas, project creations, communication, apprenticeships, and home economics to list a few.  And there is more. With the Torah belief that every child innately desires to achieve, become aware, be empowered to confront challenges, enjoy learning, and support others we are creating a student-driven environment, with the right mix of freedom and structure, where so much more is possible in a school. 

New World

“Torahverse promises to be amazing and it is amazing. I want to go to school everyday.”

Yosef Elazar, Torahverse Student


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Torahverse In the Works

Jewish Children full-day schoolhouse opening for ages 8-12, beginning August 2022 in West Los Angeles.

Email to connect with us and learn about what may just be the right fit for your child's and families school. 

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Rabbi Bryan Chustckie

Founder and Lead Guide

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