Hybrid Jewish Education

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“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand.”

Neil Armstrong

About Us

Torahverse is a complete Jewish educational program that ensures that students of all learning backgrounds are engaged, challenged, and thrilled to be part of a Jewish community. We are an online/in-person hybrid program that works with boys and girls grades 5th-8th grade. We service students nationwide and offer a variety of classes in all Jewish subjects to fulfill each families needs for a Jewish education.

Meet Our Educreators

Learn more about each of our partners and their high-regarded curriculum and educational approaches

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Maya Yehezkel

Conversational Hebrew

Rabbi Bryan Chustckie

Torah She'baal Peh  - Gemara, Mishna, Halacha

Torah She'Bechtav - Chumash and Navi

Rabbi Eliram Elgrably


“This is the most valuable homeschooling approach to Jewish studies I’ve ever seen. Going at my child's pace, building their strengths, individualizing and doing it in a way they enjoy.”

Faigie Carmel, Torahverse Parent


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