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Torahverse is the beginning of a series of Jewish micro schools creating opportunity for student choice to lead the individual and collective educational journey. At Torahverse, we optimize student choice to transform learners into leaders. Our students course through a wide range of learning options and opportunities to facilitate and reach student defined learning outcomes.
Our students graduate college ready. Yet, the completion of common core studies is just the precipice of graduate outcomes. Each year throughout a student’s journey at Torahverse, they explore a range of passions incorporating multiple intelligences, relevant Jewish texts, and practical life skills, as well as conscious development of transferable social and emotional competencies.
Beyond the defined personal outcomes, students have opportunities for leadership the moment they arrive at Torahverse. The democratic micro-school setting establishes a community where everyone is a leader through socratic methods, student government, and student agency in day-to-day operations at Torahverse. 
With highly aligned metrics and systems in place our students are given the tools, strategies, and space to self-regulate and self-direct and respond to other students to do the same. Torahverse is beyond a straightforward academic learning institution with the sole intent to prepare students for college and orthodox Jewish indoctrination; it is a space to exercise reflective, collaborative, investigative, religious, and creative capacities for maximal impact.


With progressive private, charter, online, and home schools increasing throughout America, there is a learning revolution taking place. Much of the school districts throughout our country are seeking to upgrade aspects of the current educational model. They utilize mobile devices, incorporate projects, IEP, and reduce student to teacher ratio. This produces linear improvements in student tests results, increased teacher attention, and differentiated instruction and inclusion. And yet, something is still missing. 
At Torahverse, we are creating a paradigm shift in educational premises, learning outcomes, and experience.  We exist to revolutionize Jewish education at the grassroots level through adaptability, deep research, and commitment to change. We challenge pre-existing assumptions and systems in place that don’t work and replace them with what could or does work for the most impactful learning experience. This learning experience is for students to 1) explore a wide range of learning opportunities and achieve set learning goals in order to know who they are in real world settings. 2) know how they learn most effectively and develop self-defined habits that maximize their efforts.  3) Effectively collaborate with peers and the outside world.  
We incorporate competency-based educational research models and proven results on cutting-edge educational methods and combine that with the very best of the previous system. Join the revolution and consider something better for your child, your community, and yourself. 

Our Values

student choice


producing value




personal growth



students explore a wide range of learning opportunities and achieve set learning goals in order to know who they are in real world settings



Through goal setting and assessments, students get to know how they learn most effectively and develop self-defined habits that maximize their efforts



Via project based learning, chaburas, and exhibitions, students effectively collaborate with peers and the outside world.


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Our mission is to grow students as well- rounded leaders in their spiritual and educational journey. And build community while they're at it.
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