We encourage inquiries into Torahverse?  Look at our FAQ below to get you started on the journey. Should you have further questions, feel free to reach us at

Expect Inspiration from Torahverse. Each person who joins Torahverse will begin their Jewish Hero's Journey. Watch this short video to learn about the Journey that your family may embark upon. . .




What is Torahverse?

Torahverse is a sustainable schoolhouse for mixed age, Jewish children of varied learning and religious levels who form a student-drive learning community to create real-world doing, character development, and discovering how they best learn towards mastery of chosen areas. At Torahverse rely on proven systems from Acton Academy to hand over the control of the learning process to the students. The adults serve as facilitators of opportunity, game-making to provide motivation and resources to children, and trained observers of environmental cues and how to most effectively intervene when appropriate. We call the adults, "Educreators." Torahverse is a home for each student to build character, community, and forge their own path to success..  


Torahverse is the second prototype Jewish Acton Academy, integrating Torah study, Jewish living, and all the important Jewish values brought with relevant discussions, exciting projects, and defining foundational decisions on what it means to be Jewish.  


We mix affordability, high engagement, and completely individulized learning approaches that makes school a place where children's and families dreams are to be fulfilled. 

When is the cost of Torahverse?

At Torahverse you will pay $14,750 for 10 months, divided into 9 months of $1,475 installments, plus a full month deposit of $1,475, No additional registration, technology, security or trip fees.

Scholarships may be available upon financial aid request. 

When, where and who will be Invited to enroll at Torahverse Schoolhouse?

When: Torahverse is a 10 Month school, with 7, 6-week sessions, set to start at the end of August and continue through the end of June. Enrollment will open by March 1st. 

Where: Target location is a rented house in West Los Angeles or within 15 minute drive.

Who: Ages 8-12 (typically entering grades 3-7), male and female, and all religious observance. We have 10 spots available for the start of the school year.


Academic Calendar will be available upon application, which is coming soon.

How can I determine if Torahverse is the right fit for my Child?

What are the defining features and outcomes that Torahverse Schoolhouse promises to deliver upon?

  • Self-paced, peer-to-peer, and group learning frees up adults for 1-1 support

  • Mixed age learning classroom with older and younger learners.

  • No mandatory homework, A-F grading, and written tests.

  • Transparent student results on Journey Tracker

  • daily point system, badges, portfolios and 360 peer survey for quantifiable tracking of student progress

  • Math, reading, and writing programs with success across 250+ Acton Academy affiliates nationwide.

  • Torah skills and learning Torah that is constantly challenging and relevant using Breakthrough Chinuch by Rabbi Rietti. 

  • History as real-time moral dilemmas and weekly discussions

  • Weekly science and Torah projects for high participation and integration

  • Character development through peer meditation, daily challenges, team-work, and student-driven solution building.

  • Daily student-led meetings and discussions to increase self-expression, create school standards, and generate student ideas and opinions that are drivers for continued learning. 

  • Gamified learning basis to raise motivation such as consistent student treasury, peer evaluations, adult "world-class" guests, parent exhibitions, and healthy competition.

  • and much much more. . . 

To help you determine if Torahverse is a place for your family to send a child to, here are some leading questions. Should you answer yes or would like to be able to answer yes to them, then further learning more about Torahverse is well-advised.

  • When your child is faced with a problem can you involve the child in coming up with a solution?

  • Are you ok with occasional ambivalence and uncertainty for your child and his/her future?

  • Do you value learning to do, learning to be (the best versions of yourself), and learning how you best learn rather than learning to know?

  • Do you embrace diversity for your child's peer group, particularly for friends of various religious observance?

  • Is role modeling one of the most important qualities of parenting?

  • Are clear boundaries highly valued in your parenting?

  • Do you value child buy-in to a process your enrolling them into?

  • Do you investigate key questions such as who am I, why am I here, and What am I made of?