Have important questions about how our online classes operate at Torahverse? Look at our FAQ below. Should you have further inquiries, feel free to reach us at


What are the advantages of Torahverse courses?

Torahverse is dedicated to flexibility, personalization, and challenging Jewish Education, at least comparable to the learning outcomes offered by most Yeshiva Day Schools, at a lower cost.  Our classes provide consistency with classes running throughout the entire school year uninterrupted.


Our classes allow families to choose as many or few classes as you would like for your children. Please refer to our course listing for an array of options. Every class is both an adequate replacement for traditional options and offers an upside of increased engagement for students of all learning backgrounds. 


Our Educreators are live for the entirety of each class. They offer ongoing communications and support throughout the year. All of our Educreators have their own curriculums and are leaders of Jewish Educations for the next generations. We partner with the best Educreators. 


Is Torahverse affordable for my family?

At Torahverse, we want to give every family an opportunity at having their participate in one or more of our classes and therefore offer classes at a low and managable cost. 


Should you and your child be interested we will make it work: we ask every family to contribute as much as they can and we offer subsides and discounts to make joining the class a reality. 

Our classes come at a considerable value: exceptional classes, top-tier educators, flexible scheduling, administrative accessibility, and personal attention for your child. You will shortly realize Torahverse is worth every penny. 

Will learning online work for my child?

Online learning with Torahverse compensates for what your child is missing in person. With the additional restrictions to normal in-person learning plus the common problems children are met with in traditional classes, a solution is learning remotely and globally with Torahverse.

Because our classes are premised on contemporary educational successes, every class functions with the ideal amount of students in order that each one receives the optimal attention for that class to reach it’s promised outcomes.  Our Educreators support your child to stay focused and interested for the entirety of the class - even for one and a half hours straight!

Email to speak firsthand with Rabbi Chustckie, a team member, or get connected with a student or parent who has experienced Torahverse.

Will Torahverse be offering more classes throughout the year?

We will continue to introduce more courses for males, females, , other age groups, and for all backgrounds. Classes will include Ivrit, Gemara, Mishna, Halacha, Chumash, Navi, Jewish History, Jewish electives like Art and Krav Maga, and more. Should there be a class you would like for your child please let us know:


Look at our current class offerings HERE.