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our approach

Torahverse is a sustainable schoolhouse for mixed age, Jewish children of varied learning and religious levels who form a student-driven learning community to have valuable real-world experiences, forge character, and discover how they best learn towards mastery of chosen areas. At Torahverse, we rely on proven systems from *Acton Academy to hand over the control of the learning process to the students. 


We mix affordability, high engagement, and completely individualized learning approaches that makes school a place where children's and families dreams are to be fulfilled.

our learning philosophy


We believe each child has a gift that can change the world in a profound way. We believe in a closely connected family of lifelong learners. We believe in learning by knowing, learning by doing and learning by being. We believe in economic, religious, and political freedom.

We Believe that Clear thinking leads to good decisions, good decisions lead to the right habits,
the right habits lead to character and character becomes destiny.

Our Philosophy

Learn to learn, do, and be at Torahverse

How We Learn

Learning to do: Real-life Skills

Math, reading, and writing programs with success across 280+ Acton Academy affiliates nationwide.


Torah skills and learning Torah that is constantly challenging and relevant using Breakthrough Chinuch by Rabbi Rietti. 

History as real-time moral dilemmas and weekly discussions called Civilization


Weekly science and Torah projects with full-on engagement and integration


Torah skills and learning Torah that is constantly challenging and relevant using Breakthrough Chinuch by Rabbi Rietti. 

Students go out into real-world apprenticeships and internships to follow their interests in a productive way.

Learn to learn: How to Learn Best

Self-paced, peer-to-peer, and group learning frees up adults for 1-1 support.


Mixed age learning classroom with older and younger learners.


Daily point system for focus and service, badges for rigorous accomplishment and completion, portfolios and 360 peer survey for quantifiable tracking and display of student progress.


No mandatory homework, A-F grading, and written tests.


Transparent student results on Journey Tracker for self, parents, and peers to monitor.


Gamified learning to raise motivation such as consistent student treasury, peer evaluations, adult "world-class" guests, parent exhibitions, and healthy competition.


Adult leadership through creating games, storytelling, inquiry, and introducing processes for students to take personal investment and turn into their own.

Learn to Be: Discovering Self in Community

Inspiring daily Tefillah, prayer, initiated through a personal connection to Hashem, God to oneself, followed by a liturgical fluency.


Character development through peer meditation, daily challenges, team-work, and student-driven solution building.


Real-time Conflict Resolution tools for bully-proofing and increasing emotional intelligence.


Daily student-led meetings and discussions to increase self-expression, create school standards, and generate ideas and opinions that are drivers for continued learning. 


Students teaching and mentoring one another, sometimes older mentoring younger students and sometimes younger students excelling and partnering with an older student.

Happy children!

the torahverse difference

what makes torahverse different?

traditional school

Rows of desks and a teacher at the blackboard


One teacher lectures to many students

Memorization and testing of rules and facts

School like a factory with bells, shifts, and one size fits all

Worksheets just like our grandparents used

Learn Torah content that may or may not resonate


Professional tools for art, engineering, tech, and storytelling

Everyone’s a teacher and Everyone’s a student

Learn real skills and apply them in projects



School is like a journey with big goals and mentors and a destination you care about


Work collaboratively like a Google or Facebook

Torah discussions and projects that are immediately relevant

The Difference
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