Conversational Hebrew - Beginners

M-TH 9:15-9:55 PST. Ages 10-14 with Maya Yehezkel

  • $15 per class
  • Online Session

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This class is $195/month before discounts. First time families also pay $100 yearly Torahverse membership fee. Introducing “Harmony in Hebrew:" learn via immersion the way you would as an Israeli! We learn Ivrit B’Ivrit (literally "Hebrew in Hebrew“), the Ulpan method of teaching Hebrew using principles of language immersion. In this class, students are primed to achieve optimal language acquisition when pronunciation, intonation, and vocal and facial emotions are absorbed as part of the process of developing their conversational Hebrew skills. The Hebrew language represents thousands of years of Jewish culture and identity; This new program presents American students with the opportunity to develop mastery of Hebrew and to discover the harmony that is inherent in the Hebrew language.

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1548 South Beverly Drive, Los Angeles, CA, USA