Tefillah with Torahverse

M-FR 8:25-8:55 PST. Ages 10-14 with Rabbi Bryan Chustckie

  • $10 Per Class
  • Online Session

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This class is $155/month before discounts. First time families also pay $100 yearly Torahverse membership fee. Start off Everyday with morning Tefillah and more. . . the purpose of this class is to experience the importance of davening everyday; to feel, hear, speak, and participate in a Tefillah that matters to each and every child. Our Ba'alei Tefillah will be able to and will experience the following: - Capable of reading entire Tefilla - Experience Tefilla in different shuls around the world and daven with them. students will recognize and even select various style sof Tefillah. - Move through the Tefilla - experience meditation, yoga, exercise, dance, etc that enhances traditional tefillah - Students will present a thought on Tefilla that matters to each of them. - We begin Tefilla each day with a question and story that they use tefillah to have in their Kavanot and then they share their experience with peers at the end of tefillah - Discussion on Tefilla based on key line in the Tefilla

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